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Welcome to JZZ!

This is the place where I write down exercises and other guitar related stuff. Everything you'll find here, has helped me to become a better player. I hope that in the end this site will not just be a personal reminder of where I came from, but also a direction to other guitar players.

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Exercises, Tips & More
These are my personal notes and thoughts about guitar practicing. If you are an absolute beginner, this is probably not the best place to start. All materials require at least some basic knowledge about musical harmony. They all target the more advanced player instead of the absolute beginner. For the latter there are a lot of other sites & books available that will probably suite you much better.

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Example content

In the example exercise below, you'll find a great way of playing through the cycle of 4ths in the style of The Chord Chemist (Ted Greene). If you listen carefully you can hear an application of bar 17-19 in the theme of Chick Corea's "Windows".

Cycle of 4ths - Ted Greene style.pdf


Sneak preview of my E-book

I have reorganized and structured many of the things you'll find on this site in a single document. Below is a preview of this document, which I am planning to publish as a guitar book. Personally, I use it as a reference book when I am studying.

A work in progress...

Exploring triads on guitar.pdf

Grand staff.svg

Great guitarists & more
I use this place to 'bookmark' my guitar masters and teachers on the internet. If someone or something has inspired me, you will find it here. Have a look around, maybe you stumble upon something that might give you a boost as well ; )

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Guitars, Effects & Amps
You will not find much here. I am an absolute minimalist when it comes to gear. Preferably, I just plug my guitar directly into my (smallest) amp and just start playing. I like a nice warm and clean sound. Without any effects, except for a bit of reverb maybe.

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